23 March 2019 @ JW Marriott Hong Kong

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Host: Karen Koh

Welcome from Fritz Demopoulos, Founder, Melon Sci-Fi


"Stellar Sci-Fi for 2019: What can we expect?"

Jo Walton, Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Among Others and Tooth & Claw


Bao Shu, Nebula Award-winning author of Three Body X and Ruins of Time

Moderated by Jo Lusby, ex-Penguin Random House


Our Greatest Endeavour - The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence?

Prof. Jean-Luc Margot, Professor of Astronomy and leading SETI researcher; the asteroid 9531 Jean-Luc is named after him.


The Best and Worst Star Ships - Maddeningly Dysfunctional or Stupidly Brilliant?

Antoine Blondeau, Founder of Sentient and Alpha Intelligence Capital


What Are the Brightest Stars in Sci-Fi Focused On?


HK (Ho Kei) Chan, Writer (Ni Kuang Sci-fi Award, Soji Shimada Award winner; author of The Man Who Sold the World, The Borrowed, The Locked Room of Bluebeard)

Sean Wang (Mr Pets), Writer (Soji Shimada Award winner; author of Virtua Street)

Anna Wu, Film and TV Play Writer (Gold Medal of Originality for the Best Science Fiction Film, China Nebula Award winner; author of Twins and The Shape of Thoughts)

Moderated by Karen Koh


“I’m a cosmic hyper-being, wormholding through space.”

Rachel Armstrong, Professor of Experimental Architecture; author of Origamy


Chill and Chat


Top Trends in Sci-Fi with Rebecca Kuang, Writer (Goodreads Choice Awards finalist, Time's Best Books of 2018; author of The Poppy War)


Fantastic New Worlds and Wonderful Characters

Aliette de Bodard, Author (British Science Fiction, Campbell and Nebula Award winner, winner of Writers of Future contest; author of Immersion, The Shipmaker and House of Shattered Wings)

Moderated by Siew Hoon Yeah


Media Industry Update

Scarlett Li, CEO and Founder, Zebra Media

Marcel Fenez, President, Fenez Media

Moderated by James Ross, CEO, Lightning International


"Under the Pendulum Sun" with

Jeannette Ng, Writer (Sydney J. Bounds award winner, Best Newcomer at British Fantasy Awards; author of Under the Pendulum Sun)

and Fritz Demopoulos, Founder, Melon Sci-Fi


Mega Cities of the future: How will we be living in 2500?

Conversation with Tang Fei, Author (Rich Horton’s The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy; author of Call Girl, Pepe, Universal Elegy; a connoisseur of dark chocolate, blue cheese and good wine)

Moderated by Karen Koh


Darwin's aliens: Will they be the same as us?

Sam Levin, Fellow and Researcher, Oxford University


What do Cyborgs & Yaks have to do with brilliant science fiction?

A Conversation with Lisa (SL) Huang, Writer (Stuntwoman and firearms expert; author of Zero Sum Game)

Moderated by Siew Hoon Yeoh


Enjoy Lunch on the Galactic Silk Road at our Individual Speakers' Corners


Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies with James Marsh, Film Critic


Marvin the Paranoid Android and the Future of Homo Sapiens

Robbie Stamp, Executive Producer, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and former collaborator with Douglas Adams; CEO of The Digital Village


How do we make a Smash Hit Asian Sci-Fi movie?


Robbie Stamp, Executive Producer, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and former collaborator with Douglas Adams; CEO of The Digital Village

Stanley Qiufan Chen, Author and Creative Producer (China Nebula Award winner; author of Year of the Rat, The Mao Ghost and Waste Tide)

Roger Garcia, Film Consultant, and former Executive Director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival

Albert Tam, Novelist, Screenwriter and Author (China Nebula Award winner; author of Humanoid Software, Broken Pieces, Cat Whisperer)

Moderated by James Marsh, Film Critic - RTHK, South China Morning Post, ScreenAnarchy; Conultant - Fantastic Fest and XYZ Films


New Observations for Sci-Fi with Regina Wang, Writer (China Nebula Award and SF Comet competition winner; author of Of Cloud & Mist, Back to Myan)


Aliens in the Classroom... from AI & AR to robot teachers

Andrew Kwan, CEO of Edore and education industry entrepreneur


All aboard the Mars Express!  Three weeks to the Red Planet?

Gary Li, Fellow and senior researcher at UCLA Plasma and Space Propulsion Laboratory


Reaching the next generation of Sci-Fi fans



Yun-Kong Chong (Chang Chao), Writer (Crown Publishing Award campion and winner; author of Ruin of Beijing)

Jo Lusby, Founder of Pixie B and ex-Penguin Random House

Phillipa Milne, Former Executive Director, Hong Kong Literary Festival

Jeremy Tse, Publisher of Starry Night Publications (Hong Kong Biennial Award and Hong Kong Golden Book

Award winner)

Moderated by Chris Slaughter, Consultant, Journalist


Keynote: 40 years of Ridley Scott’s Alien

Alexandre Philippe, Sundance Film Festival presenter, Producer/Director of Memory: The Origins of Alien


Moderated by Karen Koh 


Closing with Fritz Demopoulos, Founder, Melon Sci-Fi


Chill and Chat


Private Cocktail (by invitation only)

Please be advised, agenda and speakers may be subject to change due to the unpredictable nature of the universe